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We carry a full line of military and law enforcement apparel. We pride ourselves on providing the best cost to you without sacrificing quality. Check out our Columbus, Ohio store located near Easton Town Center or visit our online store for the best inventory that meets the standard of the United States Military. When you need apparel that helps you get the job done, trust our military and law enforcement apparel. We carry a full line of apparel, including: uniforms, combat shirts, pants, hats, boots, jackets, vests.

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Our store is the best place to find military uniforms in the Columbus, Ohio area. We carry a range of patterns and colors for military and law enforcement use.

Combat Shirts

From cold weather to warm weather, our shirts outfit you for the situation. When you need a tactical advantage, trust our shirts to get the job done.


Our tactical pants keep you mobile and provide durability that is unmatched. Count on our tactical pants to provide the look and feel you need.

Hats & Gloves

Our hats and gloves do more than just cover your extremities. They protect you from the elements with their durable construction.


Your mission can rely on your boots. To stay mobile and on your feet, get the most durable military and law enforcement boots.


The right tactical jacket can spare you from the cold and keep you efficient at your mission. We have a wide selection of jackets for all climates and situations.


Your safety depends on the right tactical vests. We stock a selection of colors and sizes. When you can’t sacrifice your safety, check out or tactical vests for maximum coverage.