Military Hats & Gloves

Our hats and gloves do more than just cover your extremities. They protect you from the elements with their durable construction. You need every piece of apparel you own to give you a tactical advantage, and your hats and gloves are no different. Check out our full line of hat options, including cold weather hats like Jeep caps and balaclavas, tactical hats with Velcro for your favorite patches, and boonies when you need extra coverage from the sun during warmer months. We also carry a full line of glove options, including geothermal gloves, tactical touchscreen gloves, fingerless gloves and more.

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During the warm months, you need 360-degree coverage from the elements. You also need proper ventilation and protection. We have a full selection of boonie hats from the best brands in the industry.

Cold Weather

Covering your head with the right hat during the cold months is essential. We have a variety of balaclavas, Jeep caps, fleece caps, and other cold weather options to prepare you for the frigid temperatures.

Tactical Hats

When you need a regular cover, check out our wide selection of hats. We have a variety of colors and patterns for any situation. Whether it’s at the shooting range or your everyday use, we have what you need.


Gain a tactical advantage by picking the right pair of gloves. We have a full line of gloves for every purpose. Take care of your hands with gloves for warmth, enhanced grip, touchscreen use and more.