Tactical Backpacks

We have a wide array of tactical backpacks from full-sized to day packs. Transporting your gear has never been easier or more organized with our packs. We pride ourselves on having the largest selection in Columbus, Ohio area for those needing reliable army surplus and law enforcement gear. We have all the major manufacturers that produce the industry leading backpacks. We have several different styles, including: bags, packs, duffle bags, deployment bags, water hydration, carriers and many more!

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Perfect for large and small storage needs. A well-designed pack with multi-compartments and pockets configuration. Includes modular attachment points allowing for greater field efficiency. These can handle extended journeys and are the perfect storage for your gear.

Duffle Bags

We carry a line of improved soldier duffle bags. By compartmentalizing a traditional duffle, we’ve made it easier to separate, store, and carry your gear no matter what the situation. The compartments also expand into one another to give you more room for bigger items and decompress to have a greater volume.

Water Hydration Packs

Staying hydrated is essential in any situation. Having the proper water hydration pack can keep your mission going. We carry a line of hydration carriers to add to your tactical backpack as well as solo hydration packs. Click to view our full inventory.