Sightmark Twilight DNV 3.5×42 Digital (Green) Night Vision Monocular




Product Description

Field tested and approved by the North American Hunting Club, the Sightmark® Twilight 3.5×42 Digital Night Vision Monocular is the compact digital night vision unit on the market. This day and nighttime operable device is equipped with enhanced multi-coated optics and high resolution imaging for a crisp, clear picture of medium-range targets. Its built-in infrared illuminator significantly improves the device’s efficiency and allows operators to acquire even greater performance by fixing a high-power IR flashlight to the device’s two ¼-inch sockets. The Twilight 3.5×42 Digital Night Vision Monocular features a video output, enabling image transmission to a monitor or TV and recording with an external recording device. Ergonomic, incredibly lightweight and easy to use, the unit operates on two AA batteries for around six hours, and gives the user visibility up to 100 meters. The Twilight 3.5×42 Digital Night Vision Monocular is ideal for a variety of uses including, outdoor observation, hunting and camping, sports and night navigation and boating, search and rescue and equipment maintenance. Protected by a three-year warranty on the chip and Sightmark’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on the housing, the Twilight 3.5×42 Digital Night Vision Monocular is engineered to meet the highest requirements and standards of the serious night vision user.

  • Model # SM18012
  • Built-in, High Power IR Illuminator with Beam Focus
  • Incremental Reticle Brightness Adjustment
  • Vertical Positioning of the Battery to Ensure an Uninterrupted Power Supply When Shooting
  • Lightweight and Durable Titanium Body
  • Remote Control with Secure Attachment
  • Two-Color Range Finding Reticle (Red or Green)
  • Protective Flip-up Objective Lens Cover
  • 325 ft range, 5% field of view
  • Includes: carrying case, wrist strap, lens cap, lens cleaning clothsightmarklogo


Additional Information

Weight 1.3 lbs